Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Deals- Walmart- Sears - Target - Kohl`s

Walmart Black Friday Deals

Sears Black Friday Deals

Target Black Friday Deals

Kohl`s Black Friday Deals
Macy`s Black Friday Deals


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Black Friday - All About Black Friday - Items on Black Friday

Black Friday is a Big Day for all the shopaholic.Black Friday will start just in a week from today and after that, there is Cyber Monday.But Amazon,eBay, Morrisons and many outlets have decided to launch their Black Friday Early.

How You can be better Shopaholic on this Black Friday !

 Que in Midnight

So if you want to go with Traditional way, where you have to stand  in a large QUEs and wait for your turn it`s obviously havoc for you guys.But it is better if you be ready with the full charged laptop and sitting on your own sofa and do bargaining from home.I found the second option is better for most of US.
This Year Black Friday is coming on 25th November 2016, which is considered as the biggest shopping day for many Western Countries. USA(United States of America) and UK(United Kingdom) are the tops notching countries for Black Friday  

Where you can find the deals....

Many Stores have already unveiled the deals for the black Friday, which involves Walmart, Kohl`s, Amazon, Target, Sears,  JC Penny and much more.So now you all just need to stay updated when they are going to start the selling for those deals.Because some companies start to sell before the decided date.

Here are some Items which would be available at big Discounts on Black Friday

Games Consoles:On Black Friday, Gamers would finally get the PS4 and Xbox One at their affordable price.As new Consoles are coming out, older models would be easy to buy.

Smartphones: With the launch of iphone7, it is expected to be that people would find the previous model on this Black Friday. Apple isn`t directly participated in Black Friday Deals.There are Many other Smartphone Companies who participates and make some good Profit.Smartphones was much popular  last year sale than any other items.

TVs: It is all time Favorite item on Black Friday. Varied type of models is available with many ranges of Price.

Gadgets and Toys: VR Headset and Fit Bit,these two gadgets have most eyed on this Black Friday.Laptops are not available for large discounts but there are some small discounts for laptops also.Drones are favorite toys ,for a nowadays kid. After Pokemon Go, Drones is the second thing which can make them come out from their home.

Clothes: Traditionally, techs are mostly available in discounts . But this time Cloths are also would be available in the large range. eBay is promoting clothes and fashion stuff on Black Friday.

How much is spent on Black Friday

Around $50 - $60 Billion are spent by consumers from last Six Years on  Black Friday in Whole World.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New device used in monkeys sparks hope of paralysis cure

                Handout picture released by Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL),taken on October 27

Geneva, Switzerland: A new device has allowed two monkeys to regain use of their paralyzed legs by transmitting brain signals wirelessly, bypassing their spinal cord lesions.

The implantable device, called a neuroprosthetic interface, was developed by an international team led by researchers at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL) and may soon be tested as a remedy for paralysis in humans.

For the first time, I can imagine a completely paralyzed patient able to move their legs through this brain-spine interface" Jocelyne Bloch, a neurosurgeon at the Lausanne University Hospital, said in a press release from EPFL.

The interface conceived at EPFL is a multi-component brain-spine connector, which decodes signals from the part of the motor cortex responsible for leg movements.It then relays those signals in real time to the lumbar region of the spinal cord that activates leg muscles to walk.In the two test cases, the monkeys' motor cortex and spinal lumbar regions were still functioning.

The interface was, therefore able to wirelessly relay the movement instructions while skipping the damaged area of the spine causing the paralysis, EPFL said.

The monkeys regained some use of their paralyzed leg within two weeks, walking on both a treadmill and on the ground, Nature said in a press release.

The journal noted that implantable technology that decodes brain signals has previously allowed a human patient to move a prosthetic or robotic hand.But using a neuroprosthetic interface to activate a complex leg muscle in a primate was a first, Nature added.

The lead scientist on the groundbreaking project, Gregoire Courtine of EPFL, warned "it may take several years before all the components of this intervention can be tested in people."

The concept of the interface was developed in Switzerland, key components came from Brown University in the US state of Rhode Island and the medical device company Medtronic, based in Dublin.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Technology for the Betterment - Future is Near

Life is really getting easier nowadays, where you can just sit at your place and reach the whole world by simple tech in your hand. we are living in the future, the future which our forefather have just imagine. From the time you wake up in the morning till the night when you sleep, you deal with many gadgets due to which, your work is completing in an easier way with less time consumption.

USA -Technology Expenditure 

Technology Advancement is a globalized event, many countries are contributing to this event. Among them, United States of America stands first, due to its high variance of culture and presence of many tech giant companies. Its expenditure in Research and Development is highest in the world nearly US$450 billion.

How Computer and Robots are Helpful

Technology is always meant to serve, for the betterment of human. The computer is one of those tech which has revolutionized the world and Internet has given a boost to this technology. Robots are the next chapter for the advancement in technology. A common thing in both,  computers and robot is that you just have to give commands by simple one click or just by saying one word.In near future, people will have a personal assistant those would be robots.Now also we have personal assistants in mobile but to have an assistant who looks like us that`s a whole different adventure.

Technology in Transport

After communication and gathering information, transportation is a basic need for the people. If you want to go anywhere you would need some vehicle, and  for the whole family, you would require a Car. And then what, you have to drive which is exhausting work for long distance. Driver- less car is a breakthrough technology, in which you have to pick a location and GPS will help your car to get that location.


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